The Tempel company was established by Otto Tempel sen. in 1928 in Weiten-Gesäß (nearby Michelstadt). Very good quality ivory jewellery and special decorative wood-turned articles as well as parts for musical instruments have been produced.

The son, Mr. Otto Tempel jun., relocated the company to Michelstad in 1964. At that time he anlarged the production of the company tremendously. The name of Tempel became synonymous for high quality parts for musical instruments.

Now, the third generation, the grandson of the company’s founder, Mr. Knut Tempel, took over the family-busyness und again enlagerd the huge variety of highest quality assecoires especially for the group of classical stringed instruments. The workshop new building in neighbouring Erbach was covered in 2009.

Otto Tempel, Knut Tempel, Marianne Tempel,

Sybille Schlotthauer, Hans-Dieter Schlotthauer

The label „Tempel“, that has changed to „Otto Tempel Germany” now is Tempel Germany, according to the family’s decision.

That points out the world wide recognition of the Tempel products!


The company's name is: TEMPEL - FEINE BESTANDTEILE

In 2009 the new workshop building was covered: Im Gewerbepark Gräsig 23, 64711 Erbach, fon 06062-809972, fax 06062-809973.

Absolutely there are not too many jobs with such fantastically nice view like here, in the middle of the region “Odenwald”. Although still a lot of work is necessary, until the new house is completely finished and is equipped, the following pictures should convey the first impression.